Ways to Support the Safe Kids Kitsap Coalition

You can support our local coalition in many different ways.  While some of our activities fall to SafeKids members, there are other significant areas provided by community members and business leaders, such as yourself, that are imperative to our comprehensive success:  Giving of volunteer hours, sponsoring events, fundraising projects, employer matching donations, gifting items and spreading our mission through business and community challenges.  Any or all of these opportunities are invaluable to our achievements; such passionate support will always be crucial to Safe Kids Kitsap long-term endeavors and will always be deeply appreciated.

For donations please mail a check to:

Safe Kids Kitsap

PO Box 3002

Silverdale, WA 98383

Ensure you provide contact information so we can sent you your tax writeoff information.


Safe Kids Events:

  • Safe Kids Day Events
  • Safe Kids Booth – Kitsap County Fair
  • Educational Materials

Total cost – $1300

Life Jacket Loaner Boards:

  • Lumber and Building Materials – $1500 per Loaner Board
  • Life Jackets (Infant – Adult/$200 per Loaner Board)

Total cost – $1700

Safety Devices:

  • Child Car Seats – $100 ea.
  • Child Booster Seats – $30 ea.
  • Bike Helmets – $15 ea.
  • Life Jackets – $15 ea.
  • Replacement Life Jackets – $15 ea.
  • Play n’ Pak Cribs – $53 ea.

 Estimated cost – $6000

NEW Safe Kids Academy:

  • Educational Materials
  • Certificates
  • Guest Speakers
  • Prizes

Estimated cost – $3000

Certifications and Training:

  • National Child Passenger Safety Certifications and Re-certifications
  • Classroom Trainings

Estimated cost – $4000